Bertirotti (2004)



(also known as Expert Opinion)


C = clinician

NA = not applicable

P = patient or participant

pmh = Patricia Hargrove, blog developer

SLP = speech-language pathologist



Source: Bertirotti, A. (2004.) Theoretical aims on music for prosody in speech therapy setting. Retrieved from


Reviewer(s): pmh


Date: November 15, 2016



Level of Evidence: F = Expert Opinion, no supporting evidence for the effectiveness of the intervention although the author may provide secondary evidence supporting components of the intervention.


Take Away: This expository paper presents a case for why music should be incorporated into speech-language therapy. The author discusses links between music and language including evolutionary and functional perspectives, neurological representations, and the therapeutic uses of music outside of speech-language therapy. One of the major arguments for the use of music in speech-language therapy is tied to prosody, especially rhythm and pitch. The author provides some treatment recommendations.



  1. Was there a review of the literature supporting components of the intervention? No



  1. Were the specific procedures/components of the intervention tied to the reviewed literature? Not Applicable (NA)



  1. Was the intervention based on clinically sound clinical procedures? NA



  1. Did the authors provide a rationale the intervention? Yes



  1. Description of outcome measures:


  • Are outcome measures suggested? No



  1. Was generalization addressed? No



  1. Was maintenance addressed? No



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