The major purpose of this blog is to highlight therapies concerned with (a) improving prosody or (b) using prosody to improve other aspects of communication.  We will be summarizing and critically analyzing prosodic therapies that have been presented in the professional literature.

The analyses will be from an evidence-based practice viewpoint and the summaries will emphasize intervention procedures.

Because the literature on clinical prosody is expanding and dynamic, we will not be restricting the content to intervention.   Ultimately, our plan is to include sections on internet sites, examples of speakers with prosodic problems, strategies for the acoustic and perceptual measurement of prosody, analyses of prosodic assessments, and summaries of research describing prosodic impairment.

A second purpose of this blog is to initiate a collaboration among clinicians, researchers, students, and anyone who is interested in the clinical application of prosody.  At this time, we invite others to join in the development of the reviews of the interventions.  You can learn about collaborating with us by clicking on the following pages in the dashboard:  Invitation to Collaborate, Directions for Collaboration,  Forms for Collaboration, and Directions for the Use of Collaboration Forms.

Of course, this blog is a work in progress.  Please check back as we add to the intervention analyses and develop the other sections.

Trish Hargrove and Nancy McGarr

6 Responses to Purpose

  1. Jane Setter says:

    Thank you for launching this blog! I look forward to seeing how it develops.

  2. It is great to see this blog started by you. I look forward to following your postings.

  3. CB says:

    Congratulations Dr Harwood and Dr McGarr, winners of the Speechwoman Site of the Month Award for June 2013.

  4. Hia says:

    What a brilliant service that takes research right to the consumers! Bravo:)

  5. Kimberly Henck says:

    Great blog! Using this to find approaches for a client I have now.

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